Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inbox Hell

My Yahoo inbox currently has 428 emails in it. My work inbox has 310 (of course, I've read all of these). 85% of all emails should be filed away in folders/subfolders or deleted. It's just not healthy to have an inbox full of emails that just ferment or marinate.

My inbox goal is 75 emails or less. About twice a year, I'm able to whittle it down to accomplish this goal. However, when I do reach this point, it never lasts long since as soon I leave on a trip, it then inevitably fills up.

I've tried creating rules for certain emails to be automatically filed into certain folders as they arrive. But you know what I do with these "ruled" emails? Nada. I ain't do nuthin' with them. It's like, ha ha, you're in that folder now and I'm gonna ignore you even more. Neener neener neener!

I need a better system or just better habits! Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The fourquare mayor of Borders Long Beach is an old lady from the '50s

I'm so happy that I'm still using this lovely picture as my avatar on foursquare. Today, this avatar made it to the homepage of foursquare (thanks to jjgiffin for spotting this)!

(That was supposed to be sarcastic, by the way.)

Might be time to change my avatar. Let me take this to my vast readership (consisting of 1, maybe 2 people); should I change my picture?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gilt should make me feel "gilty"

I'm hooked on Gilt.

Gilt is one of several discount sites that features special sales on high end or well-known designers for just 36 hours. They started off selling mainly women's clothing and accessories, but have since expanded to include men's and children's clothing and accessories, home goods, and even hotel deals.

The daily sales begin at 9am PST, and you must be ready for them because the good stuff goes FAST. Well, let me tell you: I am ready for them. I have my browser set up so that the page loads automatically when I open the browser. And, if I've worked it right, I've done my homework the night before to find out what will be going on sale-- which signals to me if it's worthwhile to miss a meeting (JK, I'm not that bad).

And, dammit, the folks behind Gilt make the purchasing process so easy-- too easy, in fact! Once you've entered your payment info and shipping address, your purchase is just 2 clicks away. You don't even have to think about it. Frightening or blissfully convenient? Probably both.

Gorjana goes up on Monday. I shall prepare to do some jewelry damage!