Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still not shampooing

My 2-week experiment wasn't that successful. I think I ended up shampooing 4-5x a week, but my goal was 3x a week. Anyway, I inadvertently started the experiment up again this week. It was mainly borne out of laziness and ran-out-of-timeness. It's Wednesday morning, I'm in the office going on day 4 of greasy hair! Yup, I haven't shampooed since Sunday morning. I'm quite pleased with myself and am relishing in all the newfound free time I have now that I don't have to fuss with shampooing, drying, and styling. Who thinks I should go an entire week without shampooing?


Blogger Tripping Yogini said...

haha! I didn't know you are back to blogging again. I was checking something on your blog which led me to a new post! dude I'm sure your experiment is not easy.. I have greasy hair today from just 2 days...

10:09 PM


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