Friday, May 07, 2010

I cooked the CSA greens

Here's how I prepared the greens from the CSA box. The recipes out there for these greens are pretty similar-- sautee and/or boil, chicken stock/broth, garlic, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes. It's just a variation of any of those, so I was afraid that they'd all end up tasting the same. But lo and behold...these greens have their own unique flavor.

Here we've got rainbow chard sauteed with garlic:

And, this below is a mixture of purple mustards and collard greens that I cooked with magic that is bacon (from an Emeril recipe). This was delicious!


Blogger Tsquare said...

yum i love collard greens! I'd even eat the ones with bacon and just pretend I didn't know it's cooked with bacon. it's so good!

9:49 PM


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