Saturday, April 03, 2010

Where is my milk from?

My milk is from Northern California.

With the new widespread interest in knowing where your food comes from (widespread as in maybe just in the coastal states), a new site has popped up to tell us where our milk hails from. Simply titled Where Is My Milk From, you enter the code from your milk carton or most other dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream) into the field on the webpage, then a map shows detail of what geographic area your dairy goods come from. You can even find out what other dairy products are produced here.

I entered my lactose-free milk (Ralphs generic brand) and learned that it's from Gustine, CA, which is east of San Jose off the 5. I also tried to do the same with my organic Wallaby yogurt, but I couldn't find the code on the container.

There's something similar for blueberries. I bought a blueberry carton last year, and it provided a code that you could enter online to find out what farm your blueberries came from.

So now that I know where my milk is from, how does that make me feel? Well, how is it supposed to make me feel? More enlightened? More connected to my milk? Nope. I don't feel nuthin.


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