Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inbox Hell

My Yahoo inbox currently has 428 emails in it. My work inbox has 310 (of course, I've read all of these). 85% of all emails should be filed away in folders/subfolders or deleted. It's just not healthy to have an inbox full of emails that just ferment or marinate.

My inbox goal is 75 emails or less. About twice a year, I'm able to whittle it down to accomplish this goal. However, when I do reach this point, it never lasts long since as soon I leave on a trip, it then inevitably fills up.

I've tried creating rules for certain emails to be automatically filed into certain folders as they arrive. But you know what I do with these "ruled" emails? Nada. I ain't do nuthin' with them. It's like, ha ha, you're in that folder now and I'm gonna ignore you even more. Neener neener neener!

I need a better system or just better habits! Any suggestions?


Blogger Judy H said...

My goal is Inbox Zero. I can only remember reaching it once EVER. It was short-lived but long-loved.
His approach is quite simple:
Delete: just get rid of it (or archive it)
Delegate: get someone else to deal with it
Respond: if it takes just a few minutes, do it right now
Defer: put it on a todo list, archive it, and deal with it later
Do: handle whatever the email actually needs you to do

11:00 AM

Blogger bemelodious said...

Thanks Judy! Inbox Zero seems like a fantasy to me, but I'll work towards it, keeping the "DDRDD" in mind.

1:02 PM


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