Monday, April 12, 2010

Mama's got a brand new iPad

Of all the people in my family to get an iPad, who would've thunk that my fobby mom would be the first one?!

Just the other day, my mom was talking about how she's been hooked on watching Thai soap operas on Youtube. The only problem is that my dad hogs the family computer, so she doesn't get much time on it to email the kids or watch her shows. She then talked about getting another computer for herself when I blurted out: "You should get an iPad!!" It's perfect for what she needs it for: watching video and emailing. Also the touchpad and the overall intuitiveness of its design makes the iPad really easy for a tech-illiterate person like my mom to use.

To everybody's surprise, it was easy like Sunday morning to convince my mom to buy the iPad (we even bought it on a Sunday). She was like, "Oh iPad? I hear on the news people wait in line for iPad. $500? That's cheaper than a laptop." The day after I mentioned it to her, we were at the Apple Store buying my mom her first computer.

We set it up so that shortcuts to each of the Thai soap opera episodes were on the homescreen. Watching her navigate on the iPad screen just proved how intuitive that sucker is. She was so happy to be sitting anywhere in the house watching her soap operas from her lap!

We did encounter one problem, and that was setting up her Yahoo email account to the iPad. We believe it's a problem with the Yahoo server (as I couldn't set my own Yahoo account to it either though my gmail worked). Hopefully, Yahoo will get that fixed ASAP!

In case you want to watch her soap opera, it's called Tuddao Bussaya.


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