Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How Bonanza Got His Name

My brother's name is Bonanza. That's a little odd, right? Makes you wanna hum the theme song from that Western TV show. Or, it might make you think of a gigantic sale at Frye's Electronics or Mattress Discounters.

So, you ask, "Who would name their child Bonanza?"

And, I answer, "Fobby parents, man. Fobby parents."

Growing up, I had a neighbor friend whose name was Vanessa. Well, nearly the entire time we lived there (11 years), my mom thought her name was Bonanza!

So, when my mom became pregnant with her 4th and last child, my parents thought, "Wow, Bonanza, that certainly is a lovely name. The name reaps abundance and wealth. Let us name our last child--whether boy or girl-- 'Bonanza.' And, we shall call the child 'Bo' for short."

All I gotta say is thank God that Bo ended up being a boy.

Melody Fair

My dad named me after a Bee Gees song called "Melody Fair" that was featured in a movie called "Melody" back in 1971.

I've never seen the movie but I'm told that it's about a 12-year-old boy who falls in love with a girl named Melody. They love each other so much that they want to get married, but of course they are too young. So, then they leave school one day to get married against the adults' wishes.

I didn't realize old Dad Chalaban was so romantic. Ew. Gross.

myspace wins out

I have a myspace account. So who cares if I'm 29 and the average myspace user is, like, 17?

Anyway, I started blogging on my myspace page and now that's the only place I blog! I feel like I've been cheating on blogger.com.

So, what I'm gonna do is just copy some of my more interesting blog posts from myspace onto blogger.