Saturday, February 16, 2008

Common and His Surprise Guest

Went to the Common concert this past Wednesday at the House of Blues in Anaheim...and it was Sa-Lammin'! Guess who showed up as a surprise guest: his boy, Kanye. w00t!


Blogger Mikey said...

Hahaha that was fun!! I'd go again fer shizzle!

Too bad the security guy started shining his flashlight... weaksauce.

10:03 PM

Blogger adjayscent said...

Thanks for the ticket! I had fun watching Common's show two nights in a row.

Propz to Kanye for making the trek out to the OC to support his boy.

and for the rest of the events that transpired that night, I'm fortunate enough to have people ready to throw down for me.. that was priceless.

12:14 AM


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