Sunday, January 27, 2008

an (un)common pair

I just got tickets to Common's concert at the House of Blues on Feburary 13, w00t! (Best part is that since I bought the tix at the HOB box office, I saved $25 on Ticketmaster, take THAT, Ticketmaster! Muhahaha.)

As some of you know, Common is my favorite hip-hopper, and I always try to see him in concert whenever he's in town. When I was blogging on myspace, I used to blog about hip hop more often; but I believe this is my first post on Common here on bemelodious...and, unfortunately, I won't be praising his musicality or lyrics today...because:

Tonight, as I was surfing my fave mobile site from my BB Pearl,, I came across some somewhat troubling gossip about Common and his new squeeze Serena Williams. Oh heaven forbid!


Blogger Scrambled_Eggz said...

This kat is one of my fav's to, well actually Talib K. is my fave, then comes Commen in 2nd. These guys are fo sho lyricist, no doubt! Not like them other rappers that just have catchy toons that last for about 1 month and then cant make it back to "Replay".

I dont know how i feel about him jumpin into movies though...i know he has more in the works. Who knows, Mos Def showed us that he was able to cross to that industry...

12:50 PM


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