Monday, December 17, 2007

Blog it like it's hot

It's been nearly 2 months since I last posted-- sorry for my laziness. Hate to disappoint all 5 of my readers, so I'll go back to blogging more reguarly.

Last night, we went to the Ne-Yo concert. I guess Ne-Yo got kicked off R. Kelly's Double Up Tour (maybe b/c Ne-Yo doesn't pee on 15 year olds girls?), so he decided to throw a fan appreciation concert, where tickets were only $5 as long as you brought a canned food (donated to the LA Mission)-- which I thought was a very nice touch on Ne-Yo (or his publicist's) part.

On the drive back, Mikey played some music videos on his carputer. Snoop's "Drop it Like It's Hot" came on, and it reminded me that: "Damn. This video is so cool." I mean, how much cooler can you get with a black and white video of Snoop and Pharrell c-walking, bopping their heads, and clicking their tongues. What I especially like is that it's not a video trying to be like a short-movie, telling a story with a plot and an antagonist/protagonist, like so many videos do today (e.g. Justin Timerlake). And, it's not trying to throw in as many video hos as possible to show how cool they are (e.g. all Southern rap). No, this video is cool all by itself. Oh and nice touches with the puppy and that little boy playing the drum.

LBC represent!!


Blogger SYK said...

lol.. i guess i'm one of the 5 readers!

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