Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolutions for December 2 Babies

Don't have a whole lot to say but Happy New Year! I've always been partial to even numbers, so 2008 will prove to be super.

My new year's resolutions:

- Be less moody and cranky
- Save more money
- Be able to drink 2 shots of crown plus 2 mixed drinks w/o throwing up (I'm not speaking from personal experience or anything)
- Cook better and more often
- Blog more
- Get organized

I got a cleaning lady so I don't have to put clean the house more often on my list, yay!

It would also be nice to go back to a size 28 in my jeans, but I love red vines, red velvet cake, salt and pepper Kettle Chips, and steak too much so that probably ain't gonna happen.

I also have some New Year's Resolutions for somebody who shares the same birthday as me: Britney Spears.

- Be a better role model to my younger sister Jamie Lynn and niece/nephew bun-in-the-oven
- Cut down on Starbuck's
- Stop wearing boots that cut me off at the thickest part of my legs
- Get a side job shaving heads (should help pay for all those Starbuck's drinks)
- Learn how to properly apply hair extensions
- Learn how to interact with my children

Go Sagittarians!!


Blogger Jason said...

You forgot..."Stop walking into gas station bathrooms without any shoes on." I read OK magazine too you know.

9:18 PM


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