Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Call the Police on the Fashion Police!!

Does anybody watch Fashion Police on the E! Channel? After every awards show, the "Fashion Police" critique the outfits worn by the celebrities at the show. This past Monday was the review of Oscars 2008.

In the past, they've had different hosts (such as Jay Manuel and J. Alexander from America's Next Top Model), with Debbie Matenopoulous (the regular E! person) and a couple other guest analysts (ha ha, for lack of a better word), who critique just jewelry or just hair. This time, Debbie hosted with Kimora Lee Simmons and some other British dude.

I have 2 complaints:

1) Kimora was annoying. I couldn't listen to her scratchy, unpolished voice. She has a rough speaking style; and I couldn't get past it to listen to her actual critique. She kept butting in and interrupting everybody, including the guest "police" from InStyle magazine and others. As my sister accurately stated, "Kimora always has to have the last word."

I'm happy to see that other people agreed with me.

2) Does Debbie have an eating disorder? She looked incredibly thin-- much thinner than in the past. She looked pretty (great dress), but so thin. And, she sat so awkwardly in her chair; she looked very uncomfortable and it was very obvious to me that she was sitting like that because of some kind of fear. She kept her arms propped/resting on the armrests, I think, for fear of showing fat arms (when laid flat against the side of her body). First, I thought she was sitting so erect because she was afraid her dress would slide off, but later we caught her doing the weird supermodel post where your shoulders jut out far in front of you with your back slouched. Kinda like this:

So, we surmised that she must be afraid to look fat on camera (Why Debbie? You are so thin already), but instead ended up looking weird.


Blogger Yellow Hummingbird said...

Dude! I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I watched them! Kimora has such a limited vocabulary and Debbie is bordering on anorexic skinny! Combine that with the fake-a-bake and she's like an orange stick!

8:36 AM


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