Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here's to the Roc

Kanye West produced his first ever track, "This Can't Be Life," on Jay Z's Dynasty: Roc La Familia 2000 album. (It's the same album boasting "I Just Wanna Love Ya.")

What's cool is that Kanye talks about how he got started in the business in "Last Call" on his College Dropout album. At the end of "Last Call," Kanye's just talking over the music, chatting about how he worked with Jay Z and "This Can't Be Life." He shows love for Jay Z, Talib Kweli, etc. It's like a tribute to him and Rocafella, and you know, I'm all about hard ass hip hop cats and the warm fuzzies, yknowhumsayin', so I think it's super cute--er, I am dope-- that he's busting this one out to the jiggaman.

Anyway, check out the tracks-- the beats on both are tight, yo!

(Excuse my ghetto method of posting the songs-- getting them from Youtube was easiest. Also, unfortunately, "Last Call" doesn't include the 8 minute outro where Kanye's talking about his beginnings in the biznizz.)

"This Can't Be Life" - Jay Z featuring Scarface


Blogger adjayscent said...

Definitely two hot tracks! I'm digging the blog make over as well. Peace out

11:52 PM


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