Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pilipino Prisoners Show Teamwork

A couple thoughts that crossed my mind as I watched this:

- Is that person playing the female character a she, a he, or a little of both? She/he has a receding hairline.

- They must be using the karaoke version of "Thriller." You'll notice that there are no vocals singing along to the verses, only to the chorus.


Blogger Yellow Hummingbird said...

Love the new look!

2:00 PM

Blogger Follow the Frog said...

I like the new look too. It's pretty!

6:15 PM

Blogger jromulo said...

dude, only freakin filipinos would do that. And I can say it cus I'm filipino. LOL.Oh and it is a man.

6:20 PM

Blogger SYK said...

Oh my gosh.. this is so funny... no wonder filipinos can dance.. if they get training like this in the prisons!~

4:27 PM


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