Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Fat Bitch's Stream of Consciousness

A recent email from my sister, FAT BITCH:

I'm fat they had a potluck and I had a hamburger, corn, and a 5 layer piece of big ass chocolate cake from Costco. I actually only ate half the cake. The cake is huge and dark chocolate and I really don't like dark chocolate that much. Except with scotchmallows. Is there any way to make this damn filing crap more fun. And they were talking about thai food for their next potluck and some lady said anybody can make thai food you just need four ingredients. I didn't say anything the whole time though so they didnt know I was thinking they were dolts.

(l-r) The sisters: FAT BITCH and the sister with what mom calls the "lesbian" haircut


Blogger Tsquare said...

That;s a real hot pic of the two young Chalabans.

10:04 PM


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