Tuesday, April 10, 2007


My roommate, The Frog, has a collection of Putomayo World Music CDs. Since she's on vacation galavanting through Eth-pana right now, I've been going through all her sh*t. Ha ha, JK. But, seriously, her "Music from the Wine Lands" CD has been in the kitchen, and since I enjoy world music myself, I've been listening to it. And-- dare I say that I'm quite impressed by the Germans! I'm a big fan of Brazilian, Cuban/Afro-Cuban, and Portuguese music, but never did I think I would like German music! This particular song is so smooth and sultry-- despite the harshness of the language. If I tell you the song title, it might mess you up and you'll never believe that a German song could sound so sexy, but here goes: "Zraumwohnung."

Ooooo, say it again...


Blogger Follow the Frog said...

Hey just today as I was rummaging through the CD's in the kitchen, I thought....where did that CD go? It really is a great CD!

8:48 PM


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