Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nicknames for the boys

My girlfriends and I give nearly every significant man in our lives nicknames. These have to be men either like us or whom we like. We use it as code so that nobody else around us knows who we're talking about. Here's a sampling of our nicknames:

- [enter real name] the Camper
- The Bunny
- Iron Man
- Chipmunk (or Theodore or Alvin, depending on what kind of mood we're in)
- Carlos
- Pancake
- The Lion
- Wally

I wish I could explain exactly how these nicknames came about, but that would be revealing too much. So, I'm just gonna list them here and giggle to myself. Tee hee hee... :)


Blogger Follow the Frog said...

I get some of these! So I am giggling too. My favorite nickname of all time (for a guy in my life) is The Firecracker. If **** the camper ever became more significant, I could also call him the Leprechaun (cause of when we met). LOL.

3:47 PM


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