Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Super Baby

Apparently, People magazine secured the highest bid for Brad and Angelina's Super Baby at $4.1 million. All the magazines had to bid for the pix from Getty Images in an auction. I guess it lasted all night, and they were separated in different rooms, bidding over the phone. Brad and Angelina will then donate the money to an African children's charity (good for them). Britian's OK! Magazine got the international rights whereas People secured US rights.

So, a very brilliant insider at OK! leaked the picture to a couple blogs. You can find it here. (Still too lazy to figure out linking. Whatever.)


This should be good PR for OK! in terms of branding only, because you know all the Americans will buy People magazine b/c nobody gives a crap about OK! magazine that really is just OK, compared to People and US Weekly.

I think it's all very exciting to see these pictures, but hello....babies all look the same until they're like 4-6 months old or whatever.


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