Friday, March 31, 2006

Foiled by the Frog!

The Frog, aka the Lieutenant, aka roomie, aka Lil Nastee, aka Evil Salsa Lord, aka Tricky-Trick pulled a fast April Fool's Joke on me today!

Please read her blog:

After you read it, I will explain why it freaked me out and why I so foolishly fell for it.


Blogger Follow the Frog said...

hey, didn't we JUST learn how to link properly?

1:56 PM

Blogger Follow the Frog said...

OMG, it worked!

1:57 PM

Blogger ls said...

What is it that we're suppose to read?

BTW, Ms. Frog, thanks for the DJ recommendations.

6:16 PM

Blogger Follow the Frog said...

NP great big shu

and, I think you were supposed to read the post on Fire Alarms. The first one from 3/31.

12:20 PM


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