Friday, April 29, 2005

Bring me a...

This week, I heard that someone had emailed pictures of herself in S&M attire. The guys here started joking around about how a conversation would ensue if she were to talk someone into coming over to visit her:

"Come over and bring a blank and a blank."

So, the guys kept joking around about random things that she would ask to bring over.

For example:

"Come over and bring a shotgun and some lotion."
"Come over and bring a fishing pole and some peanut butter." ("Oh and bring the lures too.")
"Come over and bring a surge protector and a bottle of water."

So, to humor ourselves, Cindy and I decided to leave a note outside Jason's and Jason's hotel room. The first note we pushed under the door read:

"Come over and bring a shower cap and a nail file. See you soon."

We also shoved an actual shower cap and nail file with the note. Props!

Then we left another note at the foot of the door, which read:

"Hi Jason and Jason,
Come over and bring a packet of Splenda and a hanger. Thanks, Cindy and Melody"

And, of course, we left that little yellow packet of fake sugar and a wooden hanger with the note.

Ah, we are so funny.


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