Sunday, April 17, 2005

Surprise, Surprise

Today we drove from Manhattan to New Haven, CT. It's my first trip to Connecticut, and I had always imagined it to boast affluent WASPs who commute to NYC in their towncars to work.

Well, just as we crossed the Connecticut stateline, a roadside sign welcomed us with a friendly but questionable:

"Welcome to Connecticut
We're Full of Surprises!"

OK, what surprises? The surprise that Connecticut isn't Martha Stewart land? The surprise that it unfortunately takes longer to drive through the state to get to Boston than a West Coaster would expect? The surprise that New Haven is not a nice town even though an Ivy League school resides there (Yale)? The surprise we will feel when a crazed, maniacal axe murderer jumps up at us from the side of the highway? And, the even bigger surprise when we we realize that that axe murderer is costumed as a creepy clown?

Connecticut--not surprisingly now--is bizarre.


Blogger ls said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous.

8:25 PM

Blogger Follow the Frog said...

I was recently in CT for the first time and found it "surprisingly" boring. Very different from the images I get on the media. I too imagined it to be full of affluent WASPS and Martha Stewart-like quaintness. One other BIG disturbing surprise was the lack of Starbucks. Sure, there was one or two in the cities, but get outside a little and there is no big coffee chain to be found.

But maybe that's a good thing...


5:57 PM


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